Whatever your adventure on two wheels - venturing into road or mountain biking, sportives or tackling the bike leg in triathlons - we can help get you going and feeling great.

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We have lots of experience of big adventures on bikes - Lands End to John O'Groats, riding the whole of the South Downs Way, cycling in the Alps - as well as coaching triathletes to get the very best out of themselves and their bikes.

ZigZag Alive first started as ZigZag Cycling, providing a range of great mountain bike experiences - from tuition for beginners, lots of regular rides over the beautiful South Downs, to special tours and weekend breaks.  We keep alive our love of off-road cycling, especially on the Downs, making this a part of the wider range of support for swim, bike, run and triathlon.

If you’d like to give mountain biking a try we offer introductory sessions, either one to one or in small groups.  The emphasis is on sharing basic skills to make you feel confident and to enjoy the fun of riding off-road.  We use well planned learner routes to practice specific mountain biking skills before heading out to nearby beauty spots.  And no ride is complete without some celebratory snacks at the end and the chance to chat through the experience, point out other great routes and answer any questions. 

We have worked with providers of team building events, incorporating the cycling with team building exercises to make for enjoyable, rich learning experiences with just the right degree of challenge.

And for those preparing for a big endurance event, such as tackling the whole of the South Downs Way over one, two or three days, we can put together programmes to help you prepare.

For those going for a triathlon, we can also offer support for getting the best out of yourself and your bike on the road - whether in terms of the right mix of rides to include in your training programme or specific skills and techniques such as efficient cadence, cornering, cycling in a chain gang or climbing.

Costs vary in relation to the size of group or one to one, the duration of rides and whether a training package is included.  As a rough guide, a one to one beginner’s session of about three hours (ZigZag snacks included) would be £120, and £160 for a beginners’ group of four.

Give us a call on 07758 703572 or email info@zigzagalive.com to discuss your interests and what you’d like to achieve and we’d be happy to help.