As part of the individual programmes I set out for the athletes who did the full Challenge Vichy triathlon I included some advice about recovery after the big race.  Its all too easy after having focused on one single challenge to end up feeling flat and de-motivated - or worse still getting injured.

But a bit like doctors who don't follow the medical advice they give to their patients, I found myself dispensing suggestions that I hadn't really stopped to consider would be just as appropriate for me.  So I'm now on a proper rest from training.

I'm keeping active, such as hiking on the Downs, dipping in the sea and cycling to meetings but no focused training sessions.  Four weeks would be ideal but I already have my sights set on a trail run marathon in early January so will need to start the gradual build up a little sooner - but not before a short break and chance to recharge the batteries.

Its been a great season for me particularly as it started with a seemingly persistent injury that stopped me running for almost six months.  Thanks to a lot of treatment from the Shoreham Chiropractice and Alan Law I was able to make it back - at first a bit painful and faltering and then moving more freely.

Last race of the season was this weekend just gone: the Falmer Triathlon (incorporating cycling up Ditchling Beacon the day after the Tour of Britain sailed up it). Particularly special was being part of the growing Brighton Tri team - just under 50 of us and about a quarter of all the participants.