Last night several of us from Brighton Triathlon Club went to an excellent run technique workshop, delivered by the founder and driver of Kinetic Revolution, James Dunne and organised by local sports injury therapist and running gait analyst, Matt Philips.

James has been pioneering run technique, combining bio-mechanics with coaching to create an exciting approach that helps injury prevention and more efficient, powerful running.  I've been keen to give his approach a try for some time.  Over the last two years or so my running has suffered from a combination of injury, imbalance from some big cycling challenges, inattention to basic core strength and flexibility... oh and simply getting older!

In just two hours, James really helped heighten my awareness of some essential basics.  When I was in my twenties and at my short-lived peak as a runner, style and posture just came naturally.  But I realise now that with everything else I do, the effects of age and wear and tear I need to make much more of a conscious effort to develop, maintain and hold good running form.

After each section, concentrating on one element of run posture and core stability and strength, James had us running a few metres and then sharing how it felt.  Just relatively minor adaptions had me feeling so much lighter on my feet - and way off reminiscing how I used to feel in my heyday.  Ah!  Those were the days... the fame! the hair! the 9 stone skinny weakling look!

I'll be blending in some of what I learnt into the run coaching at Brighton Tri Club and for ZigZag Alive customers - and (hopefully) following James' advice to make just ten minutes or so each day to work on core flexibility and strength.

Watch out - I could even make another big bang comeback! (though a bit unlikely).  Meantime big thanks to Matt,  Brighton Tri Club friends who huddled up for warmth on a bitterly cold night and of course James.

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