This month's Training Zone in Tri Plus magazine is a scorcher!  Together with some of the other coaches at Brighton Tri Club I provided the material for a brilliant 8 page spread of training advice and tips.  And there are some brilliant photos to make us all feel proud.

Our Club is certainly growing - over 250 members now at the start of only our third year.  And part of our success I'm convinced is the high priority we've given from the outset to developing a great team of coaches, all learning together and sharing our expertise with each other and our members.

So I was keen to get some of the team involved and sharing our knowledge across each area.

The edition includes:

- an informative piece on how we're developing the use of tempo trainers in our swim sessions, lead by Coaches Rachel Perry and Graeme Cox

- my Mallorca Experience Tri Camp partner and cycling supremo for the Club, Santi Brage sets out how we use turbos through the Winter months

- there's some great tips on mistakes to avoid in starting running from Run Coach Ian Maclaren

- a centre spread of Coach Leanne Garner's recommended dynamic stretches

- and a few bits and pieces from me.

So hurry to your newsagent now while stocks still last!

Meantime, here are just a few of the brilliant photos Tri Plus' photographer Rosie Hallam took: nicely captures the fun we have on blustery evenings down at the seafront on our run sessions.

I'm really enjoying taking the club coaching forward in Brighton Tri Club, alongside our team of now over 20 other qualified coaches.  Watch out for yet more features and articles on us as our reputation for great coaching and being about the most friendly, welcoming club ever spreads.