We're really excited to announce our Mallorca Experience Tri Camp 2016 has teamed up with a leader in social media - Glass Digital Media - to spread the word about our new venture.

Glass Digital Media are themselves an exciting, pioneering business with an eye for finding new ways of reaching audiences and creating a dialogue.  It helps too that founder and driving force Phoebe Lebrecht is also a triathlete, so brings her own passion and enthusiasm for what the Camps are about.

Already Glass Digital have given our FaceBook page a new look, logo and lots of energy, with regular items posted up that we know will be of interest to anyone considering taking their training to new heights.  We also have a new presence on twitter.  And we're exploring ways of creating more of a shared community amongst those who have already signed up for the Camps.

If you haven't expressed an interest yet or booked - best to get to it!  There are early booking discounts to the end of this month.  Flights are also cheaper booked sooner.  And places are going.

In the meantime please go to our new FaceBook page and like us and to twitter to follow us and be a part of this new happening venture.