I'm very excited about an intensive coaching course I'm taking part in this coming week, run by the one and only Swim Smooth.

Swim Smooth are now the world leaders in swim coaching.  When I did my British Triathlon Federation coaching qualifications the swim coaching was pretty much 100% Swim Smooth.  The Swim Smooth book is something of a coach's bible which I've been following religiously in both the private coaching and clubs.

Results have been brilliant so far and I'm very excited about taking it up a level.  Those of you who have come to ZigZag Alive as beginners as well as improvers will be pretty familiar with lots of the Swim Smooth imagery (arm over a barrel, spearing fish...) and the comprehensive drills we work on to help ingrain a smooth, efficient and really enjoyable swim style.  I know my own swimming has also benefitted enormously as I attempt to practice what I preach.

Competition to get on the Coach Education programme was pretty strong - apparently around 120 of us applying from all over the world for just a few select places.  I'm also delighted that one of those other places is being taken by friend and fellow Brighton Tri Club coach, Graeme.  To have two of us immersed in this level of swim coaching in the Club is just fantastic and another step in realising my vision as Head Coach to make Brighton Tri Club a centre of outstanding coaching.

Watch this space for more on how we get on.