Just been working on some certificates for a group of brilliant young riders who took part in the Brighton Tri Club Big Ride on Sunday.

Big thanks to friend and fellow coach Santi who organised the Big Ride.  This offered five different routes, four on the road ranging from the 40km Tour up to the Epic 100km, plus the Fun 36 that I was leading.  Our ride took us out on the calm, scenic, off-road Downs Link from Shoreham airport to Stan's Shack in Partridge Green and back again.

We had 11 young riders, accompanied by some of their families and other friends - together with our crew of four guides making for a lovely group of 24 riders.  In total we were out for over four hours including the many stops for breathers and a much earned longer break at Stan's Shack.

It was so much fun!  Although leading a guided ride is quite full-on, keeping an eye on everyone, ensuring we all stay safe and reasonably together, as always it was also very rewarding and a real pleasure.  These kids had so much energy and stamina!  You could see some of their parents flagging long before they did.  And even though they'd been going for so long, they all finished with a mad sprint at the end.

One of them told me this was her first "really proper ride" - not just round and round a tennis court for a cycle proficiency test but a really proper long ride through the countryside.  How wonderful to be a part of it.

So definitely all deserving of a certificate in Awesome First Classness.

A few photos below:

Coming through!

Coming through!

Time for some quick tips on descending and generally staying upright

Time for some quick tips on descending and generally staying upright


Coming up to Stan's Shack - and then an hour or so and many cakes later, setting off back home again.