We're making a new base for the swim coaching - come and sign up and try!

With the number of people looking for help with their swimming growing all the time, we're taking up a great offer and basing the swim coaching at the quiet, friendly Wadurs pool in Shoreham-by-sea.

We'll have the use of a lane all to ourselves and able to use all the swim aids, like fins and paddles, that some pools don't allow in their public sessions.  This will make it easier to focus even more closely on improving technique and ingraining a smooth, relaxed and efficient style.

Because of the costs of hiring a lane we'll make some changes to how we carry out sessions and the prices.  For those coming to us for the very first time we'll offer a one to one session for an hour in which we can analyse your swimming and begin identifying what will help most.  From this we'll provide a short Swim Forward Plan.  Cost £60.

From there we'll offer one hour, very small group sessions, with just two or three swimmers to our lane and of a similar ability.  Cost £30 each if two swimmers, £25 each if three.

In this way we can still offer our close individual and tailored attention to each swimmer's needs whilst keeping the price down.  And we'll still be in the water with our swimmers as needed to get a close view of what's happening underwater with the stroke, give instant feedback and try changes or new techniques together.

So get in touch, fix a session and get going with your Swim Forward Plan.