Brilliant news - Brighton Tri Club has committed to taking one of the weeks on offer for our new venture: the Mallorca Experience Tri Camp 2016.

When Santi and I first started planning the Camp we hoped to get interest from local clubs but were wary of pushing it hard in our own Club, given my position as Head Coach and Santi as the Cycle Coaching Lead.  We're pleased to say that there's a real impetus and enthusiasm for the Camp from lots of members, first asking what we're doing and then wanting to come along and join in the experience.  Big thanks to Vice Chair Graeme who has brought it together, fixed a date and is now driving recruitment.

We've blocked off the week 5-12 March just for Bri Tri.  Of course members can opt for other weeks if that one doesn't work for them.  And there's still availability and a brilliant time to be had on the other weeks for anyone, whether in a group or on their own.

If any other clubs are interested in creating a special club experience just for their members we'd be delighted to hear from you.  We can ensure an even more tailored approach than the one already on offer.

In the meantime Santi and are planning our next trip to Can Picafort to check out more routes and get everything ready for the coming year.   Don't forget to like the FaceBook page to keep up to date with the latest.