Only a few weeks to go now before our very first Mallorca Experience Tri Camp 2016 so good to set out some tips and pointers for preparing – as well as sharing the excitement.  The following tips are just as relevant to preparing for any big event or special active break:

  • look after yourself #1:  All the things we do to keep injury free, life in balance and staying well and healthy apply just as much before going on a training camp, but its very easy to get sucked into rushing to fit everything in beforehand, getting over-anxious and generally stressed out.  So keep cool.  Remind yourself this is a great experience to be enjoyed, not a trial or test
  • look after yourself #2: hopefully through the Winter you’ll have been putting in some reasonably consistent, steady longer sessions to build up your endurance fitness.  If not, though, it’s probably a bit late to try and make up for it by piling in big training sessions just before the Camp.  Certainly the week before should be a lighter training week so you come feeling fresh and geared up for a great week of training.  If you’re still a few weeks out from the Camp, try and get in a few longer rides in particular so you are used to being on the saddle for a few hours at a time (with occasional café stops!)
  • look after yourself #3:  on the theme of rides, its really important to make sure you’ve got all your kit sorted, checked and ready for action.  Book in a bike service or check it over meticulously yourself.  Looking after your kit is really an extension of looking after yourself and keeping safe.  You don’t want to lose time on a Camp having to get mechanicals fixed.  And like most Camps, we’ll have a strict rule that if we think you are putting yourself or others at risk by having a poorly maintained bike we’ll simply not take you out.  Don’t forget the wet suit either if you want to get some sea swimming in
  • look after yourself #4: dress the part!  No, that doesn’t (necessarily) mean splashing out on new fancy, expensive kit.  It means having clothing appropriate to changeable conditions – so spare layers, waterproof tops and warmer clothing for collapsing into in the cooler evenings.

And then the rest is down to letting us look after you.  We’re very excited about having each week dedicated to helping our guests with their training and ensuring they can focus on having a great time.  We’ve got a super schedule worked out, making the most of the excellent facilities at the hotel and its pool, the lovely rides, a nature trail for runs and strength and conditioning and stretching at the beach.  The schedule allows for adapting as we go along, with lots of options to add to or sit out sessions – again all part of taking the greatest care of you.

There are still some places left on the 27 February to 5 March, just over three weeks away so check it out and book quickly, registering your interest here.