A quick post to say how wonderful it is to be running our first Tri camp - what a great experience to share with others and what a life for a coach.

We have two customers this first week and so have already been able to give lots of focused attention and care - not that we'll be any less attentive the following week when we have a group of twenty joining us.

Already we're  coming to the end of day 3 and it feels like we have a super routine taking shape.  Every day starts with a swim session of around 40mins.  We're working through a technique sequence to help develop a smooth, efficient stroke starting with controlled breathing, next day on to body position and rotation then today hand entry.  There's then a main set to work on fitness and some pace.  It's been brilliant seeing our two clients come on and becoming excited by what they can do.

So far our routine has been to then head out on the bikes for great rides - along sweeping bays, through beautiful villages, on quiet hassle-free roads and with lots of coffee stops.  Every now and then large groups of cyclists come flying by, sporting fancy coloured kit and humming along at speed.  We're also clocking up some fast kilometres, picking up a strong rhythm along the long flat roads and taking the climbs and descents with grins all round (and maybe the odd grimace too).

Each day there's also been some nice extras - some planned, others going with the flow like being able to watch the Powerman finishers and then mixing with some world class athletes.  Everyone is friendly and seem ready to share their pleasure of being on such a beautiful, sports orientated island.

Yesterday Phoebe and Santi joined in the Hotel's regular 5km Monday evening run along the seafront, again hobnobbing with the pros, while I did another wet-run of one of the swim sessions I've prepared (with a few extras thrown in to make me work that bit harder).  We all then did some stretching and S&C before moving on to the hydro-spa for some immersive, relaxing body treatment.

And today Phoebe, Vicky and I followed our long bike ride with an invigorating sea swim, playing in the surf.  Tomorrow it'll be a lighter day to give a chance to recuperate before building back up the distance, climbs and coffee consumption through the second half of the week.

Right.  The bar and a big evening meal awaits.  Enjoy the photos.