Each year I like to have a challenge and this year so far its all been about coaching - growing ZigZag Alive, developing in the role of Head Coach at Brighton Tri Club, getting qualified as a Level 3 Coach, setting up and running the first Mallorca Experience Tri Camps - so I've not entered for any big events.

Until now.

On 3 September I'm entered to do my biggest swim challenge: 10kms down the River Dart.

Ever since I first heard about this event I've been excited by it - though unsure if I could really swim twice the distance I've ever done before.

To add to the inspiration, I'm also aiming to raise over £1k for a brilliant Paralympic Legacy charity called Level Water.  They provide one to one swim lessons for disabled kids with the aim of getting the children to the point where they can join more mainstream clubs.

Training has started, focused around the principles I share with all those who come to ZigZag Alive for help in preparing for big events: rhythm, regularity, recovery.

Rhythm is first and foremost about making the training a natural part of life, in tune in with everything else.  Regularity is really all about consistency, clocking up the swim kms and working on technique, rhythm and pace, rather than hoping that a few mega sessions will somehow see me through.  And recovery involves quite a lot of cake (with insulation benefits too).

And for the fund raising, I've just set up a JustGiving page  Please take a look and dive in with a donation - the deeper the better.

I'm hoping to find ways of getting ZigZag Alive and the Club involved through special events and sponsored swim training - so watch this space for fun ways to get more involved.


Training has started!

Training has started!