Wow!  What a great year this has been for coaching - thanks so much to all who have been part of the journey.

I have been lucky to have really super clients through the year with almost all of their extraordinary goals achieved and surpassed.  Well done to each and every one of you: new and improving swimmers; triathletes winning their age groups in their first year, others reaching new heights in terms of distances and places; the half and full Ironmen and those who found amazing places (and resources in themselves) to go even further.

There are so many good memories.  I remember anxiously tracking online the live feed from two extraordinary events.  The first, over six days had me checking day by day, hour by hour one of my clients in the Marathon de Sables.  I tried to imagine him in the extreme conditions, willing him on.  A few months later it was a similar process of tracking two other coached triathletes completing the Barcelona Ironman - this time following the little figures pass each other on the bike and run routes and wondering if they'd seen each other, maybe even shouted to each other the encouragement I so much wanted to give.

Much closer to home, there's also been the immensely rewarding feeling of seeing people make breakthroughs in their swimming - some having been previously told by others they couldn't or shouldn't even be trying!  How wonderful is that.

Over the year I've also developed my expertise and confidence through continuing to attend courses and workshops, including attending a workshop and meeting the legendary Dr Jack Daniels, reputedly the world's greatest run coach.  There's been a good mix of deepening my knowledge in this and other technical areas, such as the British Triathlon Federation's course on Strength & Conditioning, as well as more reflective, challenging programmes such as to become a BTF mentor of coaches.  And I qualified as a Swim Teacher and am now working with children with disabilities through the charity Level Water, which has been a real joy.

Oh yes - and I've swum up and down several beautiful rivers!

Oh yes - and I've swum up and down several beautiful rivers!

This was also the year I stepped back from being Head Coach at Bri Tri Club in order to focus on my private practice and a new venture.  Its been nice helping out more occasionally, like leading an open water session for novices, swim coaching at the Club's junior section, Sussex TriStars, and helping out at a few other sessions.  And great to assist our South Downs Way Relay team once again in their epic achievement.

And so into the New Year - already with a super group of people I'm coaching one to one, covering a range of exciting ambitions and plans.  There is limited space available for one or two more so if you're interested in being coached do get in touch.

I'm also just about ready to launch the new Confidence Centred Coaching, having spent much of this last year researching, developing the ideas and getting it all set up ready to go - watch this space!

An enormous "thank you" to all my clients and to friends and others who have supported me through this year and made it so fulfilling.  Please feel free to add your own highlights in the comment box below.  And very best wishes for a happy, rewarding 2018!