Back home now after two very full, fulfilling Mallorca Experience Tri Camps - with lots of great memories and already plans for the next taking shape.

Santi and I feel very proud of what we put in place - and also feel humbled by the quiet (and not so quiet!) resolve and determination behind what all our guests on the Camps achieved.

It was wonderful seeing people surprise themselves with what they could do: ways of swimming and techniques, that they never thought they could do, quickly mastered; distances covered and heights scaled that would not have been believed before; even the Hotel's plunge pool was eventually braved by some (though not all).

Even when the weather threw its worst at us on a couple of days we still got in some great runs on the Nature Trails, challenged ourselves with pilates and core strength work and did heroic battle with the wind - all to be able to enjoy cakes and coffee at every opportunity.

I won't single out any individual achievements as I can think of ways in which every single guest surpassed themselves over both Camps and in all the different swim and ride groups.  Great stuff!  Big yourselves up and never stop believing in what you can do.

The big test now, though, is keeping up the momentum, continuing to build on practices and techniques that were beginning to be ingrained on the Camps - and of course staying injury free.  The prescription for this week is light recovery to allow the body to soak up the benefit of all that time swimming, riding, running… continue the stretching and S&C exercises we practiced and start transitioning into a build phase and then the race specific preparation.

And for Santi and me, we're already thinking ahead to what to do next.  We are keen to run another Camp based at our partner Hotel Ferrer this coming Autumn as an end of season celebration and chance to enjoy all that fitness in the most stunning location going.  The second Camp missed out on one of the big iconic rides they had set their hearts on - so great if they can come back and tick it off.

It may be that some would also like additional help with planning their Winter training or maybe start mapping out a programme to take them to a key race in the coming season - all of which would be great to offer as an extra service.

And who could resist swimming without wet suits in the sea, trail running in shorts and t-shirts and one last, deep topping up on the cyclist's tan in late October or early November?

We also intend to go back next year, using the formula that we feel we have tested, adapted and learnt from over these last two Camps - keeping to the same high ratio of coaches to guests so we can ensure attentive care and high quality support throughout.

If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see in either Camp, please let us know - using the comment box below, email or phone.  And watch this space for great things to come.

Big thanks to Coach Leanne and Ride Leader Tom for working with us as part of the coaching team, to Cathy from Blue Koala for all her too brief contributions to pilates and S&C, to Jonatan and all the other welcoming staff at the superb Ferrer Hotels - and of course to our awesome guests.  Couldn't have done it without you all.