Whether you are completely new to running or are looking to move up to the next level in speed and endurance, we can help.

We have good experience of introducing fun running to people who wouldn't normally think the two words fun and run can go together!  Don’t doubt it though.  Running can be tremendously fun and rewarding - provided you start the right way and carefully build up to a suitable level of activity.  As with all our coaching, everything starts with you - your level of fitness and activity and what you want to achieve.  From this we can put together a tailor made programme for you, with reviews and progress checks along the way.

We also work with more experienced runners, typically those who feel they have plateaued or feel that something is missing.  By assessing your current training and what you want to achieve we can suggest specific training or other changes that will make a difference to both performance and to the enjoyment of running. 

Costs vary according to the level of support you are after.  Typically the beginners’ plan, involving an initial meeting, production of a training plan and guide would be £80, including two progress reviews.

Production of a more specifically targeted performance guide, with recommended sessions and other guidance would be a similar price for the guide.  This would also include recommendations for the level of continuing coaching support.  You will be asked to provide information on your training through an online log and schedule regular catch-ups- normally charged at £50 a month.

Give us a call on 07758 703572 or email info@zigzagalive.com to discuss your interests and what you’d like to achieve and we’d be happy to help.