Is your focus on one single big event?  It may be some way off and you are looking for help to structure your training, get every detail in place at the right time and be at your very best on that one target day.  Or perhaps your chosen big event is beginning to loom ahead and you’re unsure how to focus your training, what mix of sessions to be doing or how to prepare for particular features.


Depending on the number of people on the Twelve Month Support, there may be space to help with such time limited support to take you to the start line, in the best possible shape and ready and excited about what lies ahead.

We have great experience of working with people aiming for a single big challenge, including those going for their first ever triathlon or targeting an Ironman personal best; half, full and ultra marathon runners, including for the legendary six day Marathon de Sable in the Sahara Dessert; first time and long distance open water swimmers, from 3km lake and river swims to the Channel; tackling the whole of the 100 mile South Downs Way by mountain bike over two days and one day.

The level of support is essentially the same as those on the Twelve Month Support, though with a different pricing structure to reflect the shorter and potentially more intense support:

I feel 100% ready, not just in the body but in the mind. My confidence is high and… I feel the plan will deliver
— David: six weeks before setting an Ironman personal best
  • as always, we start with a thorough assessment of what you have been doing, the challenge that lies ahead, your circumstances, commitments and ambitions, any areas needing special attention

  • from this we draw up a Training Guide, mapping out the different phases of training needed to build up to the event with an outline of typical weeks at each point and identifying any specifics for your event to give special attention to

  • we use the online log to prescribe each week’s training and you are asked to record what you have done, together with other summary information

  • we schedule a weekly 20-30 minute Coaching Call to review the week’s training, pick up on any issues or concerns and identify anything to take into account in planning the next week’s or block of weeks’ training

  • meetings and one to one sessions may also be arranged at key points and to help with the final mental strategies.

The cost is £95 for the Training Guide and thereafter £85 a month for the close, week by week support to take you to your event and plan a short recovery afterwards.

Get in touch if yo would like to know more: by email or ‘phone 07758703572