A long term coaching relationship isn’t what everyone is after.  We can also help if you’re looking for just one or a few sessions to learn, develop and improve a specific skill.

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Most typically for those wanting to get into triathlon it is their swimming.  The Coaching for Swim page sets out in more detail how we can help.  We also help with bike and run technique and fitness.

For every sport our approach is rooted in Confidence Centred Coaching and puts a special emphasis on attuning you to:

  • the feel of your swim stroke coming together, everything in balance and in rhythm

  • being relaxed and fluid, whilst also strong on the bike with all your energy going into the back wheel, in control and being at one with your bike and the surroundings

  • and running with great composed form, all the right muscles working and enjoying a lightness and new found speed.

We have found that performance times and positions have a way of taking care of themselves when we focus on an alertness to form, effort and movement rather than letting training be ruled by devices and gadgets.


For more on swim tuition and coaching, including preparing for open water swims, please go to the Coaching for Swim page.


We have great experience of big adventures on bikes – cycling Lands End to John O’Groats, the 100 mile South Downs Way and cycling in the Alps – bringing this love to help those new to cycling, triathlon and duathlon get the best out of their bikes:

  • for road cycling we provide a one to one or a small group ride on quiet country lanes to go through and practise skills such as efficient cadence and gearing, cornering, ascending and descending and cycling in a chain gang

  • we also provide one to one mountain bike tuition, sharing the basic skills to make you feel confident and in control, enjoying the experience of escaping to the hills.

Costs vary in relation to the duration of the rides, location and any follow up: for an off-road ride of between 2-3 hours on the South Downs (including snacks along the way) around £120; for a road skills ride of about 90 minutes around £75.  You will need to have your own bike, serviced and in a safe condition, and helmet.


As a one time super skinny, Cross Country county champion, running is our first love.  Training methods and philosophies have moved on since then and we now incorporate much more attention to running form and posture, incorporating Strength & Conditioning to get the right muscles firing and working for you.  At the same time we put a big emphasis on mindful running and enjoying running at its most flowing.

Our approach works – bringing a lightness and pleasure even to those who previously insisted they hate running.  We have also seen it work for clients in the toughest of situations, such as the last miles of a marathon or at the end of a long distance triathlon.

Our support includes:

  • a one to one run session, typically between an hour and 90 minutes

  • analysing your form and your current fitness programmes

  • and demonstrating S&C and drill exercises to take you forward

Costs are around £65 for the session and a summary Guide.