Whether you are a nervous beginner or someone who has swum for many years, we can help get you swimming with confidence and a smooth, efficient style you'll enjoy. 

 We base our swims at the quiet and friendly Wadurs pool in Shoreham-by-sea, near Brighton, where we can hire a lane all to ourselves.  Our approach is to start with an initial one to one session and a thorough assessment of where you are with your swimming, what you want to achieve and what will help most.  From this we produce a detailed Swim Forward Plan.

For some swimmers the one session and the Swim Forward Plan is all they need to make their desired step change in swimming, though some like to return for a follow up Swim Analysis some weeks or months later. It is also possible to arrange follow ups in very small groups - only two or a maximum of three swimmers - of a similar ability or stage in their swimming.

For complete beginners, we normally suggest booking a series of three or four one hour sessions over a period of between eight and twelve weeks, starting with basics to become more at ease in the water and learn some of the techniques for feeling relaxed and in control as you start to swim.  We regularly review the Swim Forward Plan and decide together your best options for continuing to progress.

With more accomplished swimmers our assessment focuses on how their style might be improved, working on particular drills to finesse technique or recommending a tailor made training programme.  We use video analysis to focus on specific elements of stroke improvement.  This is all captured in a Swim Analysis document.

 We can also help with open water skills to help prepare for longer competitive swims.  This might include your move from the relative calm of a pool to swimming with a wet suit in the sea before progressing on to learn how to sight, draft and turn round buoys. We put a big emphasis on feeling confident, in control, excited and ready for your big challenge.

As the former Head Coach at Brighton Tri Club and with several years' experience swim coaching at Horsham Amphibians, we have the benefit of coaching large numbers of swimmers of varying abilities and confidence levels, learning all the time from seeing what works for different swimmers.

Our approach is based on the world leading Swim Smooth coaching, having been trained in their methods including taking part in their selective Coach Education course.

Costs are £90 for the one to one session and Swim Forward Plan or Swim Analysis, £40 each for a follow up session with two swimmers. Open water one to one sessions are priced individually, depending on the amount of time together, location and the extent of any follow up (a summary Guide typically provided within a day or two).

Call on 07758 703572 or email info@zigzagalive.com