Have you signed up for a big open water challenge and are unsure how to work on your technique and fitness?  Do you want to get into triathlon or maybe already competing, but look on the swim leg with special dread and dislike as something to get through?  Or maybe your swimming has reached a plateau and no matter how much more effort you seem to put in, the rewards aren’t coming through?

Whatever your starting point, from a complete beginner to seasoned swimmer and whatever the scale of your challenge, we can help.

We have experience of teaching swimming from scratch, including for those entering their first sprint triathlon events.  We have prepared relative newcomers to swimming for even bigger challenges, such as 3.8km Ironman swims, the Outdoor Swimming Society’s Bantham Swoosh (6kms), the Dart 10k and Henley Swim Marathon (14kms) and worked with both relay and solo Channel swimmers.

Our approach is rooted in the world leading Swim Smooth coaching, having taken part in their selective Coach Education programme. We also have strong links with the Outdoor Swimming Society and the charity Level Water, working as a Swim Teacher with children with disabilities.

We generally start with a one to one technique swim session. For this we hire a lane at a local pool in Shoreham-by-sea. The session includes:

  • an assessment of where you are with your swimming, what you hope to achieve and what will help most

  • if appropriate use of video analysis to pinpoint areas to work on

  • soon after, provision of a detailed Swim Forward Plan or, for a returning swimmer, a Swim Analysis.  These capture the key points we will have worked on, together with other areas that make up a fluid, effective stroke and any suggestions for further progressing

  • in some cases we also provide swim sessions to follow over the ensuing weeks.

For complete beginners we recommend booking in around three sessions over a nine to twelve week period, starting with the basics to be at ease in the water and feel relaxed and in control as you start your swim journey.  For other, more experienced swimmers one session may be all that is needed, though many like to arrange for a follow up session once they feel they have mastered the set of techniques we made the main focus.

In 2016 I couldn’t swim. Inspired by the Rio Paralympics I decided to take up Paratriathlon. I spent a year learning the basics and entering a few sprint races. During this time I got noticed by the British Paratriathlon coaches and was set a challenge of improving my swim - by several minutes!
I approached Mike and he worked with me first on technique then also fitness and set my weekly sessions. I was selected for the British Talent Squad and have now raced internationally. I couldn’t have done this without Mike’s help - thank you!
— Phil: member of GB Paratriathlon Talent Squad

We also head for the great outdoors to provide one to one sessions for those new to open water swimming.  These include:

  • the basics of entry and getting into a comfortable, steady rhythm

  • open water skills such as sighting, drafting and turning round buoys

  • a big emphasis on feeling confident, ready and excited by your challenge.  If this is an area of particular concern, we may go through our unique model and proven Confidence Centred Coaching practices

  • a tailored follow up summary Guide.

For those with a single focus on a particular big swimming event or challenge, we develop a comprehensive plan, covering technique, fitness and specifics such as nutrition relevant to their chosen event  – as provided in either the Twelve Month Programme or Event Specific Training Guide, outlined in How We Work (new page coming very soon).

A one to one swim tuition, including the Swim Forward Plan or Swim Analysis, together with any prescribed sessions, is £90.  Open water one to one sessions generally start at £70 (price may vary according to location).

Call on 07758 703572 or email info@zigzagalive.com