ZigZag Alive Terms and Conditions 

This document sets out the terms and conditions for the services we provide to you the customer. 
Our services are provided by ZigZag Alive Limited, a registered company: no. 07780166 (“the
company”, “we” and “us”). The customer (“you”) applies to any individual, organisation or agents on
your behalf who we contract with to provide our services. 


Swimming, cycling (on and off-road), running and taking part in triathlons all involve physical exertion and some degrees of risk.  Your health and well being are our primary concern and we will not put you in any situation that we feel would compromise that.  It is your responsibility to inform us of any condition or circumstance that might impact on your ability to take part in the activities for which you are seeking our support.

Mountain biking in particular can be a hazardous activity.  Whilst we take great care to ensure your safety, you take part in our rides at your own risk.  You are also liable for any damage or harm that may be incurred to your own equipment or equipment under hire to you.

We may charge you for any equipment loaned or hired to you through us that is misused, damaged or lost.

privacy & data protection

Any personal information, such as your name, email address and telephone number, is held purely for the purposes of contacting you as part of the coaching support.  No personal information is shared, forwarded on or sold to any other organisation.

Client confidentiality is respected at all times.


Bookings are arranged by 'phone or email and require an advance payment before the session.

For swims, we will talk through beforehand how much swimming you do, any particular concerns as well as what you hope to gain so that we can provide appropriate, carefully tailored support.

For mountain bike rides, we will discuss the level of difficulty and distance to ensure it is suitable for you.  Your place on a ride will be confirmed by us once payment has been received in full and we have your completed disclaimer (sent by email before the ride).

Our lead guide reserves the right to change the route if he or she judges it to be appropriate or there is a risk to yourself and/or the rest of the group. Our lead guide reserves the right to refuse you to join a ride if he or she judges you risk putting yourself or others at risk, such as through dangerous or inappropriate equipment for the conditions.


If you need to cancel a session please get in touch with us as soon as possible.  We will see if it is possible to arrange another date or give you a refund – though we reserve the right to keep up to 50% of the payment if you give less than seven days’ notice and to keep the full payment if you give less than 24 hours’ notice.

Medical and health

You must tell us in advance of any medical conditions or disabilities that may affect your ability to undertake the activity you are seeking our support for.  At the same time we are very keen to make triathlon, each of its constituent sports and mountain biking accessible to as many people as possible so please tell us well in advance of any special needs you may have and we will see if and how we can best meet them. 


We take very seriously our commitment of care to our customers and to ensuring, as far as possible, a safe and enjoyable experience – for example through the careful selection of venues to practice the particular sport, appropriate routes, risk assessments and advice on hazards on route. We accept we would be liable for any negligence or damage on our part. We are not liable, however, for any harm, damage or loss that results from your own actions, actions beyond our control or which we cannot have reasonably foreseen.


Insurance for coaching activities are covered by Sports Coach UK and includes up to £10m public liability indemnity and £5m professional indemnity.  Insurance cover for mountain bike instruction and guiding is through British Cycling.