Whether you are facing your very first triathlon and are unsure what to do and how to prepare, or you are aiming for a personal best time, a podium place or moving up to longer distances such as an Ironman, we can help.


We have experience of coaching and competing in triathlons from sprint distances all the way up to ironman; of duathlons and off-road events; and of supporting those taking part for their own pleasure and sense of achievement as well as those peaking for highly competitive international events or qualifying for GB Age Group.

Our approach is always to start by understanding your circumstances and ambitions – how much training you have been doing, what you are hoping to achieve, your commitments and lifestyle.  We also look at any specific features of the event you are going for.

Most people coming to triathlon have at least one area that they feel particularly needs extra attention, such as their confidence in swimming or their running speed.  We often find there are also other things to work on, such as transition practice, nutrition for the longer events or maybe mountain bike skills for off-road events.

Our support consists of the following:

  • we provide an overall Training Guide to structure your training and take you all the way to your chosen event.  This outlines typical weeks at different stages or phases of your training, all built around your aims and circumstances

  • an online log we prescribe the sessions for the week or weeks ahead and ask you to record in the log what you have done, together with some basic summary information

  • we schedule a weekly Coaching Call to review how the previous week’s training has gone, pick up on any issues or concerns and plan the coming week’s training taking into account any other commitments you may have

  • occasional face to face meetings to review progress, prepare for a specific event, discuss changes needed or maybe to talk through specific concerns are also scheduled as needed.

As set out in the How We Work pages (coming very soon) the cost for someone on the Twelve Month Programme for the above is £75 a month.  This includes any Training Guides and plans drawn up for different events through the year.  For those who are looking for support to take them to one single event a £95 fee is charged for the Training Guide and then £85 a month up to their targeted event.

Follow the stories link to see how others have got on.

And give us a call on 07758 703572 or email info@zigzagalive.com to discuss your interests and what you’d like to achieve and we’d be happy to help.