Whether you are facing your very first triathlon, perhaps taking part in a short distance sprint, or are aiming to move up into longer distances, maybe a full ironman, we can help.

Many people come to us with a specific event in mind.  Our approach is always to start by understanding your circumstances and ambitions - how much training you have been doing, what you hope to achieve, other commitments - and then focus on any specific features of the event.  We then draw up a programme to give an overall structure together with sample weekly sessions, all aimed at peaking for the big event.

Within the plan we will also recommend a level of coaching support appropriate to your circumstances and aims.  We emphasise regular, close two way communication on what training to do and that you have done so as to keep track of how you are progressing, give timely advice, adapt the plan, introduce different sessions or make other changes to support you.

Many approaching their first triathlon have a particular concern - or sense of impending doom - about one of the three legs.  As part of the preparations for the big event we can offer tailored one to one sessions to help you overcome the worst fears and get you feeling more in control and looking forward to the whole event.  We often find that there are other things to focus on too, such as transition practice or maybe mountain bike handling skills for cross triathlons.

Costs vary depending on the level of support being sought and any extra sessions.  In general the cost of an initial consultation and preparation of a training plan to take you to your chosen major race or event is £95.  From there the coaching support will normally include a weekly 20 minute call to review the past week's training and plan ahead the week to come.  The week's sessions are then entered for you on an online log and you are asked to enter what you've done and provide other summary information.  Some sessions may be prescribed, such as specific swim sets or interval runs.  Occasional reviews may also be scheduled around key preparatory events or change of phases.  The charge for this level of coaching support is generally £80 a month.

For those looking for a longer term coaching relationship beyond any one single event, each year we also take on a limited number of athletes for one to one coaching support through the year.  These are very much centred around the athlete's continuous development and evolving ambitions.  The emphasis is on providing a structure for training and racing, so that the athlete has a good sense of the purpose of each session and phase, together with as close and interactive support as is needed for each individual.  The charge for this support is generally £70 a month, with any details plans and reviews all included.

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And give us a call on 07758 703572 or email info@zigzagalive.com to discuss your interests and what you’d like to achieve and we’d be happy to help.