Tempted to enter your very first Swimrun event and not sure how to prepare? Or maybe after a structured plan that will take you and your Swimrun partner all the way to your chosen big event?

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New for this coming year is a specially designed coaching package for those entering the exciting world of Swimrun.  The special format – of competing together as a pair, never more than ten metres apart; the continuous transitioning between swim to run to swim; swimming with trail shoes and running in a wetsuit; and the wilder terrain of events all call for a special approach to coaching.

From our experience of taking part in Swimrun events, we believe the way you work and communicate as a team – understanding each others’ motivations, strengths and reactions under pressure – are key to a successful, fulfilling experience.  Events can take each of you to your limits and beyond, so the quality of preparation is also key.

The coaching support consists of the following:

  • our starting point is to meet together – you and your swimrun partner – to go through some essentials of teamwork.  We also go through each of your current fitness levels and training and begin to identify what each of you can do in terms of training separately and together

  • the specifics of the event you are aiming for, such as the terrain, tides, mix of swims and runs and so on are identified

  • we produce an overall Training Guide to map out the different phases of training, when to start acclimatising and other help to give an overall structure to your training

  • use of an online log recording what you have done, individually and together, so we can keep a close eye on progress

  • we will suggest the mix of sessions for blocks of three weeks for you and your partner to fit in.  Key sessions to do together will be highlighted

  • alternate weekly Coaching Calls will be scheduled, one week with one partner, the next with the other

  • occasional three way meetings can also be scheduled and possible coached sessions as needed.

The cost is £95 for the initial team working consultation and the Training Guide.  Thereafter the coaching support is £40 per person per month.

Give us a call on 07758 703572 or email info@zigzagalive.com to discuss your interests and what you’d like to achieve and we’d be happy to help.