Last year was my first full season of Triathlon.  I had done a couple of sprint events before which had got me interested in triathlon then last year I competed in 8 events which were a mix of sprints, one full Olympic and a couple of races somewhere in-between.  I was having a lot of fun racing and increasing my fitness.  My primary sport was cycling and because I enjoy that the most that is what I would do the most training in.  My swim is probably the weakest element and I view the run as something at the end of the bike that had to be endured before crossing the finish line.

I am in a triathlon club so my approach to training was to go to the sessions that I fancied and go with the flow.  The results that I was seeing were ok but nothing to write home about.  For this upcoming season I wanted to add a bit more structure to my training to try and move up the finishing order.  It is through the club that I know Mike. Having attended training sessions with Mike it is obvious that he knows his stuff when it comes to training for multisport events.  The opportunity came up to spend some time with him to draw up a plan of how to approach my training for the upcoming season.  I already had my race calendar planned in my mind.  I want to do more full Olympic distance races with open water swims and I have also entered a 3km river swim in the Thames starting in Marlow.

I spent about an hour with Mike and a few days later I received my plan.  It was clear that Mike had really listened to what my targets, current positions and constraints were and has come up with a plan that will help me get where I want to be.  It is structured in a way that I can fit in around my work and other commitments.  The thing I particularly like is the way that the plan is specifically built around my planned events and focuses on peaking for the ones that are most important to me.  Now I just need to put the hours in to the training in line with the plan to be ready for the races in the summer.